Become a Introducing Broker (IB) with first financial 

First financial offers a globally successful introducing broker program to private individuals and corporate entities

First financial offers its IB partners a competitive package, whether you are a financial services provider handling several million Dollars of customer equity or a private agent with only a handful of clients. Our introducing brokers capture the following benefits:

  • Attractive remuneration
  • Flexible and solution-oriented management
  • Broad product range with more than 80 currency pairs and 20 CFDs
  • Aggregation of accounts and positions (MAM structures)
  • Committed, competent and multilingual support team
  • Smooth on-boarding process for client
  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Tailored solutions for individual requirements
  • Designated IB link and unique IB ID to recruit clients
  • Aggregated liquidity of major banks
  • Competitive pricing structure
  • Leverage of up to 1:400
  • Availability of Swaps Free Accounts
  • Fast and efficient order execution (ECN and STP)
  • Guaranteed DMA trading process

Money Managers

First financial offers sophisticated money management tool (MAM) to those who wish to manage multiple accounts from within one single interface.

 The Multi Account Manager (MAM) caters to the needs of sophisticated traders, IBs, and money managers who undertake the action to trade more than one account without worrying about the distribution of trades between the traded accounts. the MAM system has the ability to automatically distribute a single-whole trade from one MT4 master account into sub-accounts equally based on equity, lot, or percentage allocation, thus to give peace of mind for the trader while executing from one single account.