What is CFD Trading?

CFD or a Contract for Derivative Trading is a well-established and convenient form of derivative trading. With CFD, you can trade on the price movements of indexes and assets all across local and international markets. CFD lets you trade on whether the pricing of a financial product is likely to appreciate or depreciate so that you can maximize your profit and minimize your losses from the rising or falling market.

Now, what’s the benefit of CFD Training to you? CFD allows you to enter the trading market with only a fraction of the value of the asset that you’re buying, augmenting the potential for gains and losses, also referred to as leverage. Moreover, CFD also enables you to take a position without taking ownership of the underlying asset. So CFD is ideal for you if you want to gain the exposure to the whole trading market with just a fraction of the full value while being able to enter and exit trades conveniently.

Trade CFDs with us?

  • Trade valuable assets
  • Ability to reduce potential losses by stop losses
  • Potential to make profits in rising/failing market
  • Access to global market
  • Low commission
  • Low initial margin requirements
  • Comprehensive charts and efficient tools for analysis
  • Trade online from anywhere in the world
  • Freedom to choose micro lots, mini lots or standard lots
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