Fixed income trading

What is fixed-income?

Fixed-income is a type of trading or investing style for which real return rates or periodic income is obtained at regular intervals and reasonably predictable amounts.

Under fixed income, the borrower or issuer is obliged to make payments of a fixed amount on a pre-decided fixed schedule. Investors, in fixed-income trading, seek for a constant and secure return on their investment.

Fixed-income is a lucrative option for investors with disposable funds who want to secure a guaranteed income over a period. If you’re a retired individual relying mainly on their investments to provide a regular, stable income, then fixed-income trading is best-suited to your needs and demands.

Fixed-income securities serve to diversify the investor’s portfolio because they considerably reduce the risk of asset allocation or investment strategy weighted heavily in the grand stock market. The most common type of fixed-income security is a bond.

Futures Trading

When the closing bell rings and the stock market calls it a day, there are still certain investors making money in futures.

Futures are derivative contracts that gain value from a financial asset such as traditional stock, bond or stock index. Therefore, futures are an efficient way of attaining exposure to various financial instruments including stocks, indexes, and commodities. They are just a superb way of managing risk.

Why choose futures trading?

  • Futures markets are very liquid
  • Futures are highly leveraged investments
  • Commissions and execution costs are low
  • Speculations can make fast money
  • Futures are perfect for diversification or hedging
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