Spot metals trading

Trading precious metals, a popular form of trading, has existed since the birth of time. It comes with a wide array of lucrative benefits for traders and investors. The most frequently traded metals include gold and silver, and the advantage of trading these precious metals is simple: the demand for these metals in the global market is always going to be abundant, regardless of the prevailing economic circumstances.

Precious metals can also be employed as a hedge against currency devaluation or periods of high inflation.

Here at FIRST FINANCIAL, you can successfully trade both spot gold and silver using any of our trading platforms.

Lot sizes

Choosing the lot size gives you the authority as a trader to enjoy full control over your trading activity. Whether you wish to trade micro, mini or standard lots, FIRST FINANCIAL provides you the freedom of making your choice.


It grants traders the incredible opportunities that make their trading experience at FIRST FINANCIAL simply the best. By augmenting a trader’s buying power up to 500 times, it allows even small investors to trade along side the big ones.


In addition to high leverage, FIRST FINANCIAL also offers tight spreads, what spreads are? They are the initial cost of buying. So as a wise trader, you should always choose a broker with low spreads.

With FIRST FINANCIAL, you can enjoy competitive spreads that’ll optimize your trading experience of working with us.

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